CTS Partners with Insurance Group to Support Insurance Technology Industry

From SodaCityBizWire.com: Within the past few decades, technology has come to define Columbia, SC as one of the leading destinations for businesses who rely on top IT talent, both locally and globally. And with companies such as Colonial Life/Unum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aflac, Seibels, and many more, that need for technology solutions is greatest in the insurance sector of the Midlands.

Core Technology Solutions, in business for some 25 years, has worked hand-in-hand with many of these businesses from the outset to solve their IT needs, finding the best talent within the state as well as from around the world. All of this targeted effort has created a climate of technology growth that has contributed to the expansion of the Columbia metropolitan area and beyond.

Attracting business, professionals and their families fosters growth for generations to come.

In a further step of participation in the greater good of the Columbia area, Core Technology Solutions has recently partnered with the Columbia Insurance Technology & Services Cluster (iTs|SC) in order to join the conversation and collaborate with like-minded technology-based businesses to see the overall success of this sector in the Midlands.

The Columbia Insurance Technology & Services Cluster is dedicated to promoting the Greater Columbia area’s wealth of opportunities within the insurance technology sector, and is supported by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness. Its mission is to foster an environment of opportunity where talent, innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision ignite a world class industry.

The vision of iTs|SC is to grow its 20+ companies and 15,000+ employees into the largest, most dynamic, and most competitive insurance technology cluster in the world.

At a recent board meeting of iTs|SC in Columbia, CTS President Vivian Ford and Business Development Manager Jeff Rogers presented the distinctiveness of Core Technology Solutions that has brought the company such success for more than two decades: relationships.

“We build relationships,” stated Rogers several times in his introductory presentation. “Every relationship we build with both client companies and professional talent contributes to our long-term success in bringing our customers top IT talent who fit not just a job, but a company culture for years to come.”

CTS will meet with other iTs|SC members regularly to share the vision of how to improve the processes that make the insurance technology sector succeed as well as to offer practical solutions that will help transform the technology business and thereby sustain economic growth in the region.