About iTs|SC

Insurance Technology & Services Defined

Insurance technology is technology that can be applied to any aspect of insurance and touches every part of every insurance business process. This affects almost everyone in the insurance industry from providers and insurance agents to companies as a whole, technology is the backbone of their process. As information technology continues to evolve, it will increasingly support all insurance processes. It is estimated that about 15,000 jobs exist under the umbrella of insurance technology and services in Columbia, SC, from boutique software development firms to nationally recognized Fortune 500 leaders.



iTs|SC is dedicated to promoting Columbia’s wealth of opportunities within the insurance technology sector, and is supported by EngenuitySC. It’s mission is to cultivate an environment where talent, innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision empower a world class industry.


The vision of iTs|SC is to grow its 20+ companies and 15,000+ employees into the largest and most competitive insurance technology cluster in the world.


iTs|SC is dedicated to accomplishing five goals in achieving its mission of helping increase the competitiveness of insurance technology and services in South Carolina including:

  • Marketing refresh complete with new messaging, employee recognition and outreach through HR departments, and leveraging recruitment video
  • Member companies feel direct benefits from investment, via hiring and engagement across departments with employees directly involved in cluster activities
  • Leadership Insurance has a 3-Year plan/strategy w/ 1-year goals
  • One innovation/ideation event based upon clear framework and success criteria, with personnel from iTs companies directly participating
  • Robust strategy for member recruitment and economic development
  • Clear structure that supports programming, goals and fiscal sustainability, including a membership structure with education, nonprofit and individual options
  • 1 K12 collaborative win, potentially Insurance Blitz Day


Our 2018 iTs|SC Executive Committee includes some of the brightest minds in Columbia. Together they work to lead the impact of iTs|SC.

  • Chair: Maria Price, Duck Creek Technologies
  • Carol Wallace, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
  • Bob Adams, Capgemini
  • Jeff Rogers, Core Technology Solutions
  • Maureen Humphries, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
  • Ashley Gilfillan, Hansen Talent Group
  • Ryan Coleman, City of Columbia  EconomicDevelopment