Why the Midlands?


famously hotColumbia has always been famously hot, as the city’s new brand indicates. As the
seat of government for South Carolina and home of the largest university in the state, Columbia is a hot bed of growth and excitement.

Columbia’s attraction goes deeper than the city’s authentic restaurants, independent coffee shops, theaters, and microbreweries.

As if the “famously hot” nightlife, art, entertainment, cultural, and educational opportunities weren’t enough, Columbia is also headquarters to one of the nation’s largest private health insurers and to a growing cluster of important entities to the insurance industry. The collaboration among the insurance technology cluster combined with the talent developed at the progressive research universities in South Carolina make Columbia a sizzling place to do insurance business. Additionally, it is estimated that between 6,000 and 8,000 knowledge-based jobs, from boutique software development firms to fortune 500 nationally recognized leaders, exist under the umbrella of insurance technology and services.

Columbia is quickly becoming a talent magnet for innovative solutions providers in the insurance technology and services field.


sc_just_rightSouth Carolina is dedicated to establishing an environment where businesses can prosper. The state has taken the necessary steps to further enhance its business-friendly environment. Efforts like tort reform, workers’ compensation reform, lowering taxes, and expanding healthcare access for small businesses are just a few reasons why South Carolina has been ranked among the top two most business-friendly states for the past three years by the Pollina Corporation. Additionally, the Palmetto State was ranked fifth among the “Most Dynamic States for Entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur magazine.

As a right-to-work state, South Carolina’s workforce has one of the lowest unionization rates and lowest work-stoppage rates in the nation. The state is also committed to furthering the skills of its expanding technical workforce. That is why South Carolina offers a customized worker training program through the state’s technical college system. The worker training program has trained hundreds of thousands of employees in a variety of skill areas and was ranked #4 in the nation by Expansion Management magazine. The state also has one of the nation’s lowest costs of living with salaries that are nationally competitive, and the job opportunities in technology clusters have attracted some of the greatest thinkers in the world to research environments like Innovista, which is in the heart of downtown Columbia.

South Carolina is free of many regulatory burdens that hamper business conditions. With one of the lowest corporate income taxes in the Southeast and no state property tax, South Carolina is committed to helping businesses compete and succeed and as a result the state has become home to numerous world-class companies such as BMW, FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., Google, GE, Vought Aircraft Industries, Starbucks, Bosch, and Roche.