Vivian Ford, President of Core Technology Solutions, named 2016 Business Partner of the Year

From SodaCityBizWire:

Chapin, SC – Vivian Ford, President of Core Technology Solutions, earned the 2016 Business Partner of the Year award from Lexington Richland School District 5 for her work on the Student Improvement Council at Spring Hill High School in Chapin. She was one of many business and community volunteers who were honored recently by the district.

As a business partner for the school, Mrs. Ford serves on a council along with other business leaders, educators, parents, and students, meeting monthly to discuss initiatives that will help the school, and its students, succeed in the community and the state. As head of one of the region’s preferred technology staffing firms, Mrs. Ford has offered her guidance to the school regarding technology careers and the education most sought after by local, state, and national corporations.

Each year, Core Technology Solutions offers a local high school student job shadowing and internship opportunities in order to help prepare him or her for a future in the workforce, particularly related to IT careers.

In addition to her partnership with District 5, Mrs. Ford participates in programs at the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation agency, the Chapin Chamber of Commerce, the Business Advisory Council for the town of Chapin, and the Community Outreach Council at Chapin Presbyterian Church.

“Relationship driven” is the motto for the work of Core Technology Solutions. It represents not only their key relationships with client companies and job seekers, but also with residents in the local area, where investment in relationships is vital to improving schools, students, and the community—for generations to come.

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